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Bitstarz Reviews from Real Gaming Fans

Bitstarz Casino, like every good casino, relies on feedback from its clients to provide better services. So the casino put together approved feedback from players. Read on to see the casino through the eyes of other players.

Why Bitstarz Casino Takes Client Feedback

Bitstarz Casino is out to change the face of online gaming. Since its inception in 2014, the casino has continuously improved its services. And it’s all in a bid to offer clients an adventurous gaming experience.

From the onset, Bitstarz has always been a hybrid casino. It serves as a melting pot for players with fiat and cryptocurrency. It also provides fast and accessible customer service to its clients. As a plus, all the games on the site are from the World’s best gaming software providers.

But Bitstarz realizes that providing great services alone is not enough to make a casino. We also understand that feedback from players is the only way to make the casino better. Thus, the Bitstarz casino collects reviews and feedback occasionally.

Since these reviews are actual expressions of real players, some of the comments are satisfactory. And a handful of others are non-satisfactory. Take a look!

  1. CoolKhid47 says:

    The customer service at this casino is lit. This availability of options is what thrills me about this casino. And I believe it goes to show how legit casinos should operate.

    They have a contact form and email address that fast responds to one’s complaints. The contact form is not as fast as the call lines. But it’s sure faster than the response you’ll get with other sites.

    Don’t get me started on the call lines please. The level of organization there is laudable. When the customer service agents are busy, they don’t place your call on hold till eternity (I hope this casino will run a customer service class for service providers). I love the social media pages too. Great stuff on there.

  2. Fatimah N. says:

    Beautiful casino. I just can’t seem to get over the interface. I hate sticky interfaces. Like, I hate when I use a casino’s site and it takes forever to load. One could literally whip up instant noodles while waiting for some sites to open up.

    But the interface here is a beauty to behold. The mixture of dark colors with a little bit of green and red, here and there is so fascinating. The pages open almost as soon as you click on them. I don’t think I’ve had to wait up to 10 seconds for a page to appear. My gaming adventure is more fun and exciting thanks to the awesome interface Bitstarz has.

  3. Abel says:

    Great site!! Best casino!!! They have the fastest payouts I’ve ever seen. I tried requesting a withdrawal using bitcoin and the payout was almost instantaneous. I was surprised.

    I tried using regular currency withdrawal. It was not as fast as bitcoin, but it came even before they said it would. I’m so confident in the services that this casino delivers. I even told my friends at work to join and play with Bitstarz. The owner of the casino is doing a great job and it’s amazing to see. I look forward to spending more fun time here.

  4. Andreas says:

    Online casinos can do better than stuff nonsense down our throats in the name of packaging. I know the casino wants to keep an updated library but these new games on the site are just wack. They’re a complete turnoff.

    Also, these guys should return my money please. Every time I request a withdrawal they keep saying that I’ve not met the minimum withdrawal limit. Are you guys kidding? I have over $200 with this worthless casino. I just want to be able to withdraw money.

  5. Francesca T. says:

    I have changed my device a couple of times since I started playing at this casino. When I discovered Bitstarz in 2015, I was using an Android phone. I then switched to a Google Pixel. After that I used Huawei and now I use an Apple product. It’s amazing how the site is still compatible with all these devices.

    I didn’t even lose my account (which was something I was really scared of). All I had to do was enter my login details whenever I had a new device and my dashboard would come up almost immediately. I am super grateful for the convenience that I enjoy on the site. It’s amazing.

  6. TrinaRu4 says:

    In my opinion, Bitstarz has to be the best casino out there. The operators clearly have their game together. The games are numerous and the navigation bar makes it easy to find games. The on-site organization is something I’m yet to see anywhere. The games are arranged in chronological order. Anytime I want to find games, I just use the A-Z search feature.

  7. Cole F. says:

    I once played games at this so-called Bitcoin Casino and it was a disaster. I was attracted by their huge bonus offer. Trust me, I’ve never trusted bonuses since then. I’d rather play at a casino that offers a C$10 bonus than one with a C$200 bonus offer.

    I stumbled on Bitstarz one day. Then, the only promotion I saw was the 20 free spins. Thinking the casino does not have other bonus offers, I joined the casino. I’m proud to say that was the best decision I’ve made in my many years of online gambling. The funds in my wallet are safe. Unlike the other casino, that rid me of about 0.45 BTC.

  8. Benson H. says:

    I don’t find this casino’s services satisfactory. For a brand that has been in the game since around 2014 or so, the least they can do is own a mobile application. These things are not that hard to create. If they truly care about their players, then building a mobile app will be nothing to them.

    I doubt they’ll be building one anytime soon since people are already content with the less than average services they offer.

  9. Joyce A. says:

    The games on here are mind-blowing. And they’re so many. It’s so hard to pick one. I particularly love the live games section. It gives me some kind of rush. Playing the live games made me realize how transparent these guys at the casino are. The cameras are placed in such angles that you can see everything going on in the studio clearly. It just eliminates the fear in my mind of possible manipulation. That’s all the calm I need to continue playing at the casino.

  10. Mandy S. says:

    This is an amazing casino. I love the variety of options available. Most casinos that accept cryptocurrency only allow you to play using Bitcoin or Ethereum. But these guys have so many currency options. I think I once placed a wager using Dogecoin before.

    They even allow you to make conversions legitimately on the site. I’m in awe of this casino. Whatever they’re doing, I think other casinos should strive to learn from them. Especially all these crypto casinos that don’t know the first thing about playing with cryptocurrency. Great work team Bitstarz. Keep doing a great job. Well done.

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